Monday, September 28, 2009

Real Paramedics Watch NBC's Trauma Premier & Comment Live

How real is TV medicine? Get an idea on Monday, September 28 when real life paramedics watch the premier of NBC's new show Trauma and comment live via a web broadcast and chat room. After the show's conclusion, they will host live calls from emergency medical services (EMS) listeners online to discuss how EMTs and paramedics are portrayed by their TV counterparts.

Join leading EMS Podcasters Jamie Davis, Chris Montera, Greg Friese and others in watching and discussing the premiere of the new NBC show Trauma. Browse to at 9 p.m. EDT/ 8p.m. CST on Monday September 28, 2009 for live conversation and commentary. Trauma, the dramatic new show about paramedics in San Francisco promises to be an action packed exploration of the profession and the stresses it places on relationships.

During the premiere, using the online platform, Jamie, Chris, Greg along with other podcasters and EMS bloggers will be discussing the action, plot, and EMS technique of the show and its cast. Listeners will be able to text chat with one another and the hosts as the premiere unfolds.

After the show Jamie Davis, an RN, paramedic, and host of the MedicCast ( – the highest ranked EMS podcast – will take calls from listeners. Jamie Davis is watching the premiere of trauma because “I am looking for a program that will portray the real issues in EMS while inspiring a new generation to join the profession as previous shows like Emergency inspired me to become a paramedic.”

Greg Friese, a paramedic and co-host of the EMSEduCast podcast ( reports, “I want Trauma to be authentic and respectful of EMS. Like many EMS professionals I am excited and skeptical about Trauma’s potential. I am excited to watch and discuss Trauma with an international audience.”

Chris Montera, a paramedic chief and host of the EMS Garage podcast () shares, “EMS professionals would love for Trauma to succeed and draw attention to the work we do, but if it is a miserable failure we have no problem calling it DOA!”

These real life paramedics host their online radio shows or podcasts to share their knowledge, experiences, and training with other EMTs, paramedics, and students. The shows are available every week via the web, using popular podcast engines like iTunes or Zune marketplace, or RSS readers. EMS listeners use the programs to help remain up to date on news and training in emergency medicine.

All of the programs are part of the ProMed Network ( a collection of independent medical programs for medical professionals of all types.

Airway Management Skills Review on the MedicCast

The MedicCast

Airway management is one of the critical skills for emergency medicine providers that requires mastery. A few seconds of delay in the establishment of a patent airway could result in serious irreversible damage to the patient. In this week's episode of the MedicCast, the podmedic features a review on airway management skills essential for aspiring EMTs. Also in the program are the latest news in EMS and tips on how to pass, or even ace, the NREMT exams. Check out the shownotes for a more extensive review on airway anatomy and physiology together with direct links to the national registry site for downladable pdf's of NREMT skills sheets, the same ones used by examiners.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

EMS Poisoning Myths on the MedicCast

The MedicCast

This weeks episode of the MedicCast with Lisa Booze of the Maryland Poison Center discusses some of the common myths regarding everyday products that may raise concerns from individuals. In this episode, facts are differentiated from fallacies and information on who to call or what to do in case of poisoning is included. Also in the program are the latest news in EMS and links to resources for further review or future reference.

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The MedicCast is a weekly show for professionals and students in emergency medicine providing news, comments, products, interviews, tips and tricks.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Study Tips for EMS Students

The MedicCast

This week's episode of the MedicCast features a special panel discussion on study tips and time management for EMS Students. Since most EMS students have divide their time between studies, work and family, finding quality moments for studying may be difficult. The discussion include EMS educators giving advice on how to set realistic goals for studying and keeping away from distractions. For educators, knowing students' learning styles can help in identifying ways to present a topic in class that can easily be grasped. Also in the program are links to articles on learning styles and study tips.

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The MedicCast is a weekly podcast for emergency medicine providers featuring news, interviews, products, comments, reviews, tips and tricks.

Monday, September 07, 2009

H1N1 and Flu Season in the Joint Episode of the MedicCast

The MedicCast

Paramedics as well as other health providers are getting ready for the upcoming flu season and H1N1 pandemic. In response to this, the producers of the EMS Garage and MedicCast Productions did a special joint episode together with other health professionals and discuss the effects of these diseases to EMS. To help inform health care workers on ways to prevent contracting the flu virus, several precautions as well as situation updates on influenza were also included in the program.

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The MedicCast is a weekly podcast for emergency responders and EMS students providing news, artciles, reviews, interviews, comments, tips and tricks.